I have developed a brand identity based around the use of Morse code. The idea was to take my name and convert it to Morse code and then design a Monogram and Wordmark and Visual Identity around this concept. Here are my Brand Guidelines. Dont mess with the brand - well dont mess too much.

Below are some guidelines and some simple dos and donts.

The brand colour palette and design patterns have also been included.

Colour Palette.


Use the official, unmodified monogram and allow at least 120% buffer space around the monogram, wordmark or visual identity.

Don't rotate or change the direction of the monogram.

Don't animate the monogram in any unofficial way.

Don't change the color of the monogram or use any other monograms or wordmarks to represent the brand.

Below you can see the official the colour palette and proper placement for the monogram.


Don't animate or change the angle of the monogram.

A range of colours can be used. They are available in the colour palette provided.

The scale of the monogram must be retained during any use. A range of design patterns also have been included for reference.


The wordmark and monogram must follow the same brand guidelines.

This includes retaining the scale and angle of the wordmark and monogram.

See below for some examples of the correct way to display the monogram and wordmark.

Visual Identity.

The Visual Identity (Steven and his sister Sheila) should not be cropped and the colours must not be changed.


Patterns and brand extensions can be developed around the monogram design.

Below are some examples. The colour palette of the brand must be retained with any new pattern.


Text Layouts.

Layout and content design are very important.

Through the website I have included examples of headers, paragraphs, links, images, fonts and blockquotes that will be used within the brand guidelines.

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